The easy way to take credit and debit card payments

With PARK NOW, there’s no need to incur significant costs upgrading your machines to accept credit or debit cards – motorists simply pay by phone or via their vehicle dashboard instead.

The easy way to take credit and debit card payments

Seamless & easy integration

Implementing PARK NOW cashless mobile parking is simple. PARK NOW sits alongside your existing operations and is easily integrated within either your current enforcement or can be optimised using enforcement by mobile phone.

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Premium and revolutionary parking experience

Would you like to reduce circulating traffic and the parking-related stress of your visitors? Introduce PARK NOW, the better way to park. PARK NOW offers your visitors a proven, 100% secure way to find, book and pay for their parking. Let motorists experience the easy, convenient and hassle-free way to park with PARK NOW and their mobile phone.

Save your council money

With PARK NOW you can even save on machine replacements. As more and more motorists pay digitally, there is no need to keep replacing machines. PARK NOW can give you examples of cities with a pay by phone penetration as high as 95%. This not only saves you the cost of collecting cash but also offers you the opportunity to reduce your machine fleet and optimise the placement of remaining ones.

Save your council money

Parking analytics to fit your need

PARK NOW provides access to a web based suite of reports, enabling detailed analysis of parking activities.  Want to know how many motorists have parked or how much revenue you have generated?  It’s simple with our easy to read, downloadable reports.

Never waste time searching for a parking spot again!

Searching for a spot is the number 2 irritation when it comes to parking – only beaten by actually paying to park. With PARK NOW users can search and book a spot that suits their needs. No more searching or wasting time. PARK NOW not only takes away the pain of parking it also saves users’ time*.

* A Dutch survey (2014) shows it takes users +/- 5 minutes to find a parking spot when arriving at their location. And +/- 9 minutes to get a parking ticket at the machine

In car solution!

PARK NOW offers several in car solutions. Paying for parking using your dashboard is no longer something futuristic but is available right now.   PARK NOW is making it happen.

For individuals & companies

Experience hassle-free parking with your colleagues, team, family or friends! It’s simple for large companies to add multiple vehicles and save time through our premium parking experience!

Reducing CO2 emissions

Because your visitors no longer need to search endlessly for a parking spot, CO2 emissions are reduced! Over 30% of the traffic in a city is caused by searching for a parking spot. With PARK NOW, there’s no more circulating traffic and additional pollution. Create a more convenient parking experience and help the world become a greener place, all through PARK NOW!


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