How cashless parking of ParkNow works

How it works?

  1. The choice is yours

    The ParkNow app shows you all the nearby spaces.  Select by location or based on parking tariffs.  The choice is yours.

  2. Pay for your space

    If your perfect parking spot is on street simply buy time or start and stop your parking. Or find your car park of choice and simply enter and exit the car park. Either way, make sure your vehicle details are correct, as this is how we recognise you have paid.

  3. Receipts and payments

    Want to extend? Need a receipt? You can top up parking and print off your session details through the App.

Find. Park. Pay

Help your motorists experience an impressive, better and more convenient way to park. Finding and booking a parking spot is so much simpler with the revolutionising ParkNow App. It not only makes your visitors happy, but also helps you as a council to cut the costs of collecting and processing cash, not to mention reducing machine maintenance, upgrades and repairs.

  • A revolutionary, real-time and innovative parking system.
  • 100% secure, reliable and proven.
  • Save time and money!
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Find, park and pay your parking spot with ParkNow
The easy way to take credit and debit card payments

Introduce ParkNow now

  • Quick and easy payments by payment card
  • Cut the costs of collecting cash
  • No need to upgrade or replace machines
  • Give your visitors time and space to do more
  • Reduce circulating traffic
  • Lessen CO2 emissions

Seamless integration

Implementing ParkNow is simple. ParkNow sits alongside your existing operations and is easily integrated, either into your existing enforcement or can be optimised with enforcement using mobile phones. The ParkNow system gives you flexibility in pricing and high quality reports and analytics that give valuable insights into parking. Contact us now and we will help you deliver the enhanced parking experience both you and your customers deserve!

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Coming to you

ParkNow is already available in San Francisco, where thousands of people regularly experience the convenience of ParkNow. Dozens of cities worldwide are lining up to get started and introduce the better way of parking to their visitors and inhabitants. Do you also want hassle-free parking in your city? Please contact us!

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1 April 2017

Fool the Parking Warden, use ParkNow

Every year millions of unnecessary parking fines are being issued across Germany. But with ParkNow every day is April Fool’s day for parking wardens! They roam the streets on the lookout of for cars without a proper parking receipt and when they spot one, they swoop… SLAM! Parking fine! April Fool! Using ParkNow means there… Read more...

1 March 2017

ParkNow mobile phone parking replaces PayByPhone in Houilles

We are pleased to announce the launch of ParkNow in Houilles in replacement of PayByPhone! It is now possible to use one’s smartphone to pay for parking in the whole City of Houilles in Rouge and Jaune zones with ParkNow. It’s very easy – you just have to download the app (available for Android and… Read more...

1 February 2017

Easy parking payments in the Riviera area with ParkNow!

From 1st of February, residents and visitors of six Cities near the Leman lake can pay to park with their smartphone. There’s no need to dash to the parking meter in the driving rain, they can now pay for their parking from the comfort of their car. Paying for parking via smartphone allows great flexibility:… Read more...